Almost time for Spring Cleanups!

Almost time for Spring Cleanups!

As winter does it’s thing, your yard sleeps through it all.  It wont be long before it wakes up and starts to grow again.  A spring cleanup will help to make sure your yard hits the ground running and has a great chance to grow big and healthy this year.

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What is a Spring Cleanup?

Winter dumps all sorts of stuff onto your property: branches from ice-laden trees, sand and dirt from nearby roads, and all manner of random debris that blows around on top of the snow eventually finding its way to your place.  All of these things are obstacles that stand between you and a healthy lawn.  A spring cleanup will see that these things are almost completely removed from your lawn.

Here is how it works:

1. Our experienced crew arrives on your property and immediately gets to work clearing organic debris like sticks and branches that have fallen over the course of the winter.

2. Next is addressing any damage done by plowing over the course of the winter.  This is then re-seeded.

3. Dirt and sand are blown out from where it collected as the snow melted.  This is NOT stuff you want on your lawn.

4. Any leaves that remained from the fall are also blown out and removed.  This will prevent the now soaked dead leaves from rotting and inviting fungus into your soil making it even more difficult on your grass.  This step is much easier if you had a Fall cleanup done before winter (info for that can be found here: Fall cleanups)

5. Finally, a dethatching is performed.  This removes the layer of dead growth and roots that develop over the course of the previous growing season.  Clearing this stuff out will help your grass get more water to the roots, discourage fungus,  and allow more breathing room for nice thick growth.

Following the dethatching, we pack up and are on our way.  Usually leaving the property no more than an hour after awe arrived, and rarely longer.


Remember, healthy lawns don’t happen by accident!


Thanks for reading!
~The Greencare Team