What is the Cost of Professional Landscaping?

What is the Cost of Professional Landscaping?

What is the cost of Professional Landscaping?

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The answer is surprisingly simple, and turns out to be the same for just about everyone.

The answer: It Depends.

That may not sounds like the answer you were looking for, but it’s not exactly an easy question.  There are all sorts of things to consider when you are thinking about hiring a professional landscaping company for your project.  Different projects sometimes require different approaches, and what may seem like an easy job can turn out to have one or two important elements that you didn’t expect.


It depends on:

  • *What* you want to do

  • *Where* you want it

  • *When* you want it

Things to ask yourself when considering professional help with your landscaping:


Are you looking for regular maintenance, or did you have a larger project in mind?

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Maintenance is easy.  It’s quick, usually inexpensive and keeps your place looking its best whether you have the time to keep it that way or not.  Hiring professionals means your property gets expert attention on a regular basis.  This also means things that might slip past you get noticed and resolved before they end up costing you money later.

Typically (but not always), it takes one guy about an hour to mow a whole residential property.  This usually keeps mowing to a pretty low cost.


If you are looking into something more involved, ask yourself:


 1. How big is this project?

Projects that can be done in a single phase are typically less expensive than those that require many.  Keep in mind what the current landscaping looks like, and how you want it to look when it’s finished.  The more dramatic the change, the more likely that you will be dealing with a more expensive project.


2. How quickly do you need it completed?

If you’re in a rush, it’s going to become much more expensive.  This is especially true for large projects where multiple contractors need to coordinate.  Whenever possible, try to plan as early as you can so every piece of the project can be organized and performed at the proper time.  Having a contractor sit and wait for someone else to complete their part will only end up costing you for all those billable hours.


3. Where is all this work being done?

Consider the layout of the area where the work will be performed.  Will trees need to be removed?  How about those large boulders?  Is there a way to get large equipment to the job site?  A small space can cost big bucks if big equipment is needed and can’t get in.


 4. Have you considered alternative approaches?

Looking at options will do two things:  it will educate you about the range of options available, as well as the pros and cons of each.  Using this method to ‘shop-around’ is a great way to learn, and ensure that you’re getting your moneys worth.

For example: are you having a new lawn installed?  Rolled sod is a quick solution, but its very pricey and sometimes risky.  Hydroseeding is less expensive and has great results, but usually takes a little longer to see growth.


5. Have you planned for some surprises?

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It happens all the time:  you get work started on schedule; things are going smoothly and then BAM!  You’ve hit a snag, or sometimes a snag hits you.  It’s important to remember that these things happen, and it’s a good idea to budget for them.  The usual suggestion is add 10-15% of your total budget for these surprises.  You may not need it, but you will be glad it’s there if anything comes up.


Happy Gardening!

~The Greecare Team