Emergency Winter Kit For Your Car

Emergency Winter Kit For Your Car


‘Well honey, I hope you brought a book. We are gonna be late to your sister’s for dinner.’

Winter brings all sorts of great things like snowmen, sledding and hot chocolate.  For commuters however, it can also bring long and occasionally frightening driving conditions.  Your car may be perfectly capable of handling the odd slippery road, but what do you do if you find yourself in an emergency and temporarily stranded in your car after going off the road?

‘Bust out my emergency kit’ should be your immediate answer.  If it isn’t, don’t worry.  In this article, we will give you some solid suggestions for items you can stash away in your backseat for just such an emergency.

emergency car kit

Keeping an emergency kit in your car for the winter is a great way to ensure the best odds in any situation.


Flashlight and spare batteries (or flares)

Going off the road when it’s dark out is actually more likely than when its light out.  Having a reliable light source will help you see what you are doing as you toil away, as well as make you more easily visible when help arrives.

Extra warm blanket (or sleeping bag) and gloves

Engine dead?  Bundle up.  Help may be on the way, but the bitter cold will make their travel time seem a lot longer.  Keeping your body temperature at a normal level is the game here, and if there are a few of you in the vehicle, you may want to consider huddling together to stay warm.

Lighter + matches

Worst case scenario, you may find yourself in an impromptu camping trip.  If this is the case, you will want to make a fire somehow to keep warm, or to signal for help (in case your flashlight fails or has gotten damaged).

Water + snacks

As long as you have water and some food, you can hold out for a time.

Small shovel

Sometimes, all you need to do is dig yourself out a little.  A little folding shovel will do the trick.

First-aid kit

You should have one of these in your car anyway.  Make sure its got rubbing alcohol, a rolled bandage, burn cream, pair of plastic or latex gloves, and a pair of tweezers.  This stuff is indispensable during an emergency.

Also handy if your first-aid kit contains some hand warmers.

Bag of sand (or cat litter)

A lot of folks will swear by the practice of buying a 50lb bag of sand just to keep in their trunk all winter.  More weight means more traction.  This is especially handy to keep in the trunks of rear-wheel drive vehicles to get them a little help in the slippery conditions.

If you don’t need the weight, the sand itself can be helpful if you get stuck and need something to help your tires grip something.


Obviously, this list of emergency items could contain hundreds of items.  The handful listed above are only suggestions, but they are GOOD suggestions for a basic kit.  Keeping these items on hand is a great way to make sure you and your loved ones have an easier time in the event of an emergency.

Hopefully, you never have to use it.


Stay warm!


~The Greencare Team