Landscaping in Winter?

Landscaping in Winter?

Now that winter is here, all your projects are on hold for a few months, right?


Winter is a great time is for getting certain projects done, especially the ones you want to start enjoying immediately when the weather warms up.

Here are a few ideas:


Hard pruning

During the cold winter months, most trees and plants go dormant until spring.  If you have some overgrown bushes or shrubs, now is the time to give them some trimming.  Just remember that different plants have different rules when it comes to pruning, so make sure you double check your plans before you get all snip-happy.

winter tree limb


Have something bigger in mind?  Winter is also a great season to have an arborist come out to take a look at any large branches or limbs that you have been thinking about having removed.

Any branches that reach over your roof or grown too close to power lines will need to get trimmed back before they become troublesome (branches near power lines will need to be looked at by the power company before you start cutting anything).  It’s generally a good idea to have professionals come look at the large branches regardless of their location, while taking care of the smaller ones can be done on your own as long as you are taking all the necessary safety precautions.



Just because the ground is frozen doesn’t mean you can’t get that stone veneer put up, or that wall built.  Most professional stoneworkers have the tools and experience necessary to take the necessary steps to make sure your project comes out perfectly regardless of the temperature.  Winter stone projects usually happen under tents where the heat can be controlled, and the snow kept out.


Winter camping

When there is snow on the ground, stonework happens under tents.


winter camping

Home away from home.

Plus all the heavy equipment they are likely to use is less likely to damage your lawn in the winter because the ground is frozen solid.

Pool Installation

Having a pool installed can be a long and frustrating process.  It’s made even worse if you wait until the weather is warm to start the early stages.

To make the process simpler, get in touch with your installer during the off-season to have them come out and take measurements during the winter.  This way, you have the rest of the winter to sort out designs and material choices so you can get started immediately once the ground thaws.  Once the crucial decisions are laid out, the rest of the project should be completed and ready for you to enjoy all summer long!


Stay Warm!

~The Greencare Team