7 Things to Do Before Fall

With summer drawing to a close,  it’s important to start thinking about getting your yard ready for the approaching cooler weather.  Here is a short list of a few things you should put on your To-do list for September:

 Deadhead Those Flowers


Deadheading: Trimming dead or dying flowers in order to encourage new growth.


Deadheading is the very simple practice of trimming off dead or dying flowers in order to encourage new growth later on.  This can be done throughout the growing season to maintain the aesthetic of the plant, but later in the summer it becomes more important to the plants overall health.

While you are doing your trimming, also consider if any of your warm-weather flowers or plants will need to be brought inside before it gets too cold for them.


Fine Pruning


Gentle pruning in the grow season, heavy pruning in the winter.


Giving your shrubs a good trim is also a good idea right about now.  Light pruning at this time can sometimes bring about another round of flowers before the end of the season, and is generally a good idea for allowing your shrubs to conserve their energy for the long winter ahead.

Keep in mind that now is NOT the time for heavy pruning.  Its best to wait until winter when most plants are dormant.  This applies to trees as well.


Bug Patrol


Aphid infestation


Deadheading and pruning will give you a good chance to inspect your garden for pests.  Finding and removing any infestations will keep your yard from turning into a pest paradise.  Keep a responsible pesticide handy, and be prepared to remove entire sections of occupied plants if necessary.

Harvest Time!


Homegrown veggies are the best veggies.


If you have been growing any veggies, now is the time to bring them inside and clear the way for any fall-season veggies like squash or pumpkins.

We have already written a handy guide for canning tomatoes, found HERE


Aeration and Overseeding


Aeration: Best done twice a year, Spring and again in the Fall.


Summer is pretty harsh on your lawn.  Between foot traffic and the hot sun, your grass goes through a lot in one season.  Give it a little love and treat it to a good aeration and an over-seeding.

We have written another good article about this, which can be found HERE


Dogs, Cats, and Whatever’s, OH MY

dog lawn

Yay dogs!


If you have pets, you probably have some pet-related damage in your yard.  Chewed leaves, poop spots, holes, and pee-burns have been sprouting up all season long.  Make sure to get any errant poops off the lawn, and make sure any serious damage to plants has been resolved before they suffer any permanent damage.


Lawnmowers Need Love Too!


A good cleaning in the Spring and again at the end of Summer will keep your mower running for a good long time.


If you have been mowing your own lawn, your mower has been worked awful hard all season long.  Now is a great time to give it a good cleaning.

Lawnmower maintenance checklist:

  1. Oil change
  2. Drain the fuel, clean fuel lines
  3. Check air filter
  4. Clean the caked-on grass from the underneath
  5. Remove and sharpen the blade
  6. Clean any grass clippings from the outside of the engine


Doing these things will give your property a solid jump-off going into fall, and will help your plants look their best come springtime!



Happy Gardening!

~The Greencare Team