Hydroseeding in Maine

What Is Hydroseeding?

Where the Grass is always greener

Where the Grass is always greener


Hydro-seeding is a fast and easy alternative to traditional dry-seeding methods that will give you a thick, healthy lawn without breaking the bank!

Traditional methods of hand-seeding or laying down sod are time consuming, labor-intensive and can still result in problems like thin spots, slow growth and possible root problems.  A properly hydro-seeded lawn is not likely to develop these problems, and will cost you a fraction of the price of sod.

The process is actually very simple: a mixture of seed, fertilizer, mulch, and water are combined in a special high-capacity tank.  This mixture (or slurry, as it’s called once it’s mixed) is then pumped from the tank through a specially designed applicator hose directly onto your soil.  Using this specially designed hose, our operators can cover every inch of your yard in a precise and comprehensive manner. This ensures that there are no thin spots and nothing gets missed.


The special mixture, or slurry, is the biggest reason hydro-seeding is so easy.  Since we mix each tank special for each job, we can tailor it to match your needs.  Got a lot of steep hills?  We have a slurry for that.  Got a lot of direct sun?  We have a slurry for that.  Anticipating a lot of foot traffic?  We have a slurry for that…. You get the idea?  We can even add some types of wildflower seeds if that is what you need!

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Our state-of-the-art bipedal application system is very environmentally friendly and runs on sandwiches.


Because of the special types of preparation we can do with hydro-seeding, it is possible to go from a freshly hydro-seeded lawn to a mow-ready lawn in about 3-4 weeks, given optimal conditions.  Since the germination process is already kick-started, the roots can take hold in your soil faster than with dry-seeding, resulting in a greener, healthier lawn in less time that with traditional seeding methods.

Another big help in this process is the mulch material that we add to the slurry.  This allows for more retention of the water and keeps the seeds moist longer than soil alone.  Be careful though, this does not mean that your new lawn requires less watering, it just means that the seed will be able to take better advantage of the watering that you already provide.


Because of the easy preparation and method of application, hydro-seeding your lawn can be done very quickly.  A single operator can easily cover a large area in a relatively short amount of time.  This means that you save on labor costs and still benefit from a professionally completed job.


In addition to making sure everything is watered properly, it’s also very important to feed your new lawn!  We suggest making a three week follow-up appointment with us to apply a fertilizer treatment to your entire lawn. This will help ensure that your new grass has all the nutrients it needs from root to tip.