What is Aeration and Overseeding?

What is Aeration and Overseeding?

Aeration and Overseeding?  What’s That?

NOT poops

These are not poops.

Aeration and overseeding is an important part of the spring and fall maintenance for your lawn.  It allows your grass some time to develop stronger roots while exposing the soil to a good dose of nutrients.  This is important for the health of your grass over the long winter, and will give it a great head start for the springtime.

How Does It Work?

First is the aeration.  This process uses a machine to dig thousands of tiny holes in your lawn (from 2.5 inches to 4 inches deep), and then drop the plugs on the grass itself.  This allows water and nutrients to get deeper into the soil than usual.  It increases the oxygen interaction with the soil itself, increases the effectiveness of applied fertilizers and pest control treatments.

After the Aeration, comes the overseeding, which is exactly what it sounds like.  Grass seed is spread over the entire area.  Seed that falls into the holes will germinate and add its roots to the existing root system, strengthening the entire lawn.  Eventually, the holes close up and the dirt plugs break back down into the lawn.  The stronger roots will allow for a healthier and more lush lawn when spring comes.

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When Should I Do This?

The best time to aerate and overseed is in the fall, but its also a good idea to do it in the early springtime.  This is because of the cooler weather and the tendency for lots of available moisture in the soil.  It’s not recommended to so this during in the summer.  Exposing the roots to strong sunlight and the heat that comes with it can cause some severe damage, if it doesn’t kill it entirely.

Good Grass Needs Good Soil.

Having your lawn aerated and overseeded isn’t only good for your grass, its also good for your soil!  Regular mowing and periods of heavy traffic will cause your soil to compact.  Compacted soil can prevent your lawn from getting the things that it needs.  Water, air and vital nutrients wont be able to get into the soil and it definitely wont be able to get to the roots of your grass.  This can result in drainage issues and an inability for your grass to get the nutrition it needs.

Short Version:

Aeration and overseeding is great for your lawn and for your soil.  It’s best to do it in the fall but you can also do it again in the springtime.  Done properly, Aeration and overseeding will help keep your lawn looking its best and staying healthy all year long!


~Happy Gardening!